OEMTOOLS Heavy Duty Impact Wrench

OEMTOOLS Heavy Duty Impact Wrench
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About the product
This product is made by OEMTOOLS, who is known to make great tools, a must have for every “handyman”
Amazing quality Heavy Duty Impact Wrench with a weight of around 9.8 pounds. Prefect for getting the job done.

Product Features

– 4 Battery Charge Indicators: 100% (4), 75% (3), 50% (2) and 25% (1)
Charge Time: 2 Hours

– Tightening Torque: 260 Ft/Lbs.

– 2 Speed Transmission: 0-2,200 RPM and 0-2,900 IPM

– Nut Busting Torque: 300 Ft/Lbs.

– Includes 4 Ah Li-ion Rechargeable Battery with Charging Station
– Anvil: 1/2 In.

OEMTOOLS Heavy Duty Impact Wrench

– Fantastic quality
– Great price
– Good customer reviews

– No international shipping ( learn more)


We love this product and think it is an fantastic Impact Wrench. It is very easy to use and is made with high quality. And the price is very affordable. We really think this is a amazing product and we would recommend It for every handyman in need of a Impact Wrench

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